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Self Development For Women

Shae Eloise

Author ● Speaker ● Facilitator

A powerful, radiant, yummy YOU is waiting for you...


the parts of you that feel lost, unbalanced, & wounded...


your truth more authentically, powerfully, and lovingly.

into the confident, inspired, radiant, powerful version of you that you know you can be.


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You wanna find a community of women where you feel safe, supported, connected, inspired, uplifted? Like you have your own personal cheer-squad here to champion your wins, hold your feels, listen to your worries, & grow alongside you...?

Well then. Looks like you've found it!

She Grows is your safe space to play & grow.

What is it? An unpretentious, relatable self-growth space for women to connect, heal, reflect, discover, play, and uplift one another. With access to hundreds of hours of on-demand courses on relationships, sensuality, self-expression, transformation, and more, as well as live calls, epic goodies, and so many more experiences, this is the safe space you've been searching for. 

Ready to play your way to a more uplifted, inspired, joyful YOU?

See you there,


I'm Shae. 


I help you to feel more confident, radiant, inspired, and connected to your power and femininity. Through self-reflection experiences, courses, retreats, my She Grows community, and my books, I share the power of self-development and feminine embodiment to feel more free and untethered from limiting beliefs and patterns.

Rather than overload you with woo-woo new age growth concepts, my work is here for you to feel like finally there's someone who can relate to what you're going through and offer real-world, grounded practices and pathways for you to reclaim the most empowered version of yourself.

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Grounded Goddess is a book for the woman who is done with playing small, and ready to explore her full range of expression; her softness, intuition, sensuality, inner strength, and so much more. 

Using Goddess archetype work, the practices and exercises offered in this book give you the opportunity to dive deeply within yourself. You'll understand why you may feel blocked in some areas of how you show up, and how to start unraveling these binds. With candid stories, playfulness, and a lot of compassion, I guide you through a journey of Grounding into your inner Goddess.

My Book

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