Shae Eloise

Communication Expert

Self Expression Mentor

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I am a communication coach & self-expression mentor.

I help you to feel more confident to share your truth, desires, needs, & show up in your personal relationships & professional life feeling empowered. 

Join My Online Courses & Programs

I help you remove your blocks to express yourself fully.


Through my online programs, you'll receive you the tools to communicate in a more authentic, powerful, & loving way in your personal & professional life.

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I’m a self-expression mentor and communication coach.


I work in a grounded & comprehensive way - giving you the practical tools to move past your blocks to showing up with confidence, & sharing how you can create more harmony & connection in your relationships through the way you communicate with yourself & others.

I draw from a wealth of experience & exploration in meditation, Taoist philosophy, cognitive behavioral therapy, other self-development modalities, masculine & feminine energetics, embodiment, womb wisdom, yogic inquiry, and more.


Work with me to create more connected, harmonious relationships through conscious communication.

I’m Shae…

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I offer online-courses, meditations, live online programs, in-person retreats, and 1-1 mentorship. 

The areas of self-expression that I specialise in include:

  • Effective Communication to create incredible relationships.

  • Feminine & Masculine embodiment (Inner Union)

  • Mindful self-inquiry, meditation, & life-transformation shifts (how to move through big changes, how to create new life patterns & routines in line with your goals/purpose).

  • Sensual embodiment & expression.

How to work with me: Communication & Self Expression Programs

5-6 week online courses (go-at-your-own pace), masterclasses, mini-courses, downloadable meditations, and more.

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who is this for?

If you're interested in exploring your self-expressing with a communication coach, or if you're at a crossroads in your life & need support to move through big life changes in an empowered way, I can help.


If you’re ready to be empowered, to level up in your personal evolution, your aligned soul-mission, your work/purpose, your relationships, & the way you feel yourself each & everyday, then we may be a perfect match!

Check out my online communication courses, self-expression & transformational programs to create more conscious, connected & loving relationships.