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Shae Eloise

Communication Specialist For Relationships
& Feminine Embodiment Facilitator

communication coaching for relationships

Hey! I'm Shae.

I help you to create incredible relationships through powerful, conscious communication. 

You'll learn how to move past your blocks to express yourself, let go of limiting beliefs, and communicate from your vulnerable, mindful truth.

You'll empower yourself through my online communication courses, live online trainings, in-person workshops, 1-1 communication coaching, and transformational retreats in Bali.

You will enhance your relationships and create more harmony in how you communicate and relate to your partner.

You'll feel more confident in communicating with your loved ones, and even in your business, with your audience.


Effective communication is one of the most underrated skills in creating incredible relationships.

You want the tools to finally feel more confident and comfortable in how you communicate with the people most important to you. 

You need to learn how to effectively communicate your desires & needs in your relationships, without shutting down your voice or creating more conflict.

This starts with owning your truth. Understanding where your blocks come from. Empowering yourself with simple, but profound actionable tools to level-up your relationships through how you communicate.

I believe our greatest source of personal power is ignited by expressing what is true for us, in intelligent, loving ways. 

In my work, I draw from a wealth of experience & exploration in embodied expression, communication modalities, Taoist philosophy, cognitive behavioral therapy, masculine & feminine energetics, yogic inquiry, and more.

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Bali Retreats For Women

If you’re ready to be empowered and confident, experience REAL self-love, connect with your aligned soul-mission, nourish your relationships, & have a full body mind spirit reset, then my women's retreat in Bali is for you!

I lead multiple retreats a year in the mountains of Bali for an unforgettable experience of connection and sisterhood.


Our next retreat in Bali is in 2023!

bali retreat for women
women's retreat in bali
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