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Grounded Goddess


“A beautifully written, engaging, fascinating, and informative self-help book, with clear examples and lots of reflective exercises.”

Grounded Goddess is a refreshing take on feminine embodiment, one that not only contains inspiring insights and wisdom but also provides informative exercises, journal prompts, and practices to make real changes in your life.

The very nature of a grounded goddess is that she is grounded, here and now, in the real world. She is powerful, wise, and fully-expressed, not hiding or locking down parts of herself to be more “palatable.”

You have within you the potential to be this Grounded Goddess, and this book is your guide to liberating her.

This book is for you if:

  • You feel disconnected from your femininity, feeling dull, uninspired, and not sparkling with radiance.

  • You struggle with self-doubt and lack of confidence, are afraid to speak your truth, and move forward with self-assurance.

  • You’ve been making yourself small, shying away from situations and relationships that could bring joy and love into your life.

  • You feel unbalanced like something isn’t quite right, and you’re ready to finally reclaim a sense of inner peace and harmony in who you are.

  • You're ready to deepen into your feminine essence, whether you've been exploring this work for years, or are brand new to feminine energy awakening.

Tired of feeling like life's lost its luster? Struggling to actually do this “feminine embodiment” work that everyone talks about in these feminine energy books, but somehow, it’s just not working?

This isn't just another “divine feminine book” that sounds super beautiful but leaves you scratching your head at how to embody this in your everyday life. Instead, Grounded Goddess is your guide to rediscovering your confidence, radiance, and power with the help of Goddess archetypes.

You’ll explore the energies of Four Goddess Archetypes: Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga, and Kali, and learn how their unique expression exists within you. You'll tap into their lessons to make real changes in your life (starting from within).

This book offers a practical, grounded approach to feminine energetics from someone who has been working in this realm for a decade. The author, Shae Eloise, translates the wisdom of the Goddess Archetypes in an inspiring, deep way while also being relatable, compassionate, and a little bit playful.

Inside the pages of "Grounded Goddess," you'll find nuggets of wisdom that speak directly to your soul. It's time to shake off the cobwebs, reignite your fire, and embrace your feminine energy like never before.

Grounded Goddess is your roadmap to unleashing your full potential and living your most fulfilled, fully-expressed life.

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