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Claim Your

Inner King

6-Week Online Course for women

We all have a King inside of us.


Though for most of us, we have pushed him away, or simply not acknowledged his existence. 

If this is feminine embodiment work, why aren't I talking about your INNER QUEEN?

Image by Mimipic Photography

This has EVERYTHING to do with your Inner Queen.

This is a key piece to feminine embodiment work that is missing from most feminine practices, rituals & teachings.

to the masculine.

Heal your relationship

Learn how to let go of wounding, triggers, & trust issues to finally feel safe, protected, inspired & grateful for the masculine energy, and masculine people in your life.

Have you felt that you were just YEARNING TO BE CLAIMED?! To be devoured, honored, treasured, and deserved to be a F*&K YES to another....?

Are you tired of chasing the love & respect you deserve, feeling totally at a loss as to why it's not coming your way?

You know that there is a partner out there that can MEET YOU FULLY, yet at times you feel hopeless at how to find them, and be filled with divine love...

We are designed to be the receptive, open, surrendered force that literally invites love to penetrate us. 

heal masculine wounds

But the problem is, we are looking for this in the wrong places.

This is where we compromise our hearts & truth.


Where we accept less than we know we really deserve & desire.


Where we let in an energy that is giving us the attention & company that we crave, but ultimately is not for our highest good.

What you need is to realize that you are here to be claimed, but not by another...

In order to cultivate partnership, intimacy, mutual honoring & respect, divine love, the union you desire...


You must first be WHOLE & find this UNION WITHIN.

You need to Claim yourself first.

So that you are not waiting and yearning for another, from a place of neediness and lack. 

What claims your inner feminine divinity?

Your Inner King.

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Your inner masculine is what provides the safety, protection, stability, presence & holding that you crave, as a feminine being.

In order to have the inner king rise to claim your feminine, we first need to claim your inner king.

Join this 6-week Online Course for Women

The Program

Online self-paced course

12 Video Lessons (more than 10 hours of instruction)

Exercises, meditations, practices & worksheets

Through an immersive 6-week journey, you will:

  • Heal your wounds around the masculine

  • Connect more deeply to your truth (& feel confident to express it)

  • Discover the bliss of finding union in your inner being

  • Experience self seduction, as you get to know your inner masculine, & allow him to 'woo' your inner feminine.

It is designed to be completed in 6 weeks, but you can take as long as you like to complete the course, with lifetime access.

Weekly Breakdown

Week One

What is your relationship to your inner masculine?

Week Two

Meeting your inner King - how does he feel? What is his mission?

Week Three

Meeting your inner queen - how does she feel? What is her desire?

Week Four & Five

Your inner King & Queen begin to 'date.'

Week Six

Landing into wholeness - powerful inner union ceremony.

Past Participants

"I love how Shae teaches & presents the teachings so clearly & throughly. She is a great guide that has that perfect balance of being the leader of the group, yet still remaining approachable & relatable to her students. After completing this course I have manifested much healthier relationships with men, by healing my own inner masculine." - Nadine Lee (Claim Your Inner King Course)

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 16.12.57.png

"Working with Shae feels like being coached by your very best friend, who isn’t afraid to speak her truth. Her intuitive, kind and caring nature, combined with her strength, wisdom and intelligence brings the perfect balance to this course. Shae’s ability to hold sacred space online, and face to face is amazing, rich, and transformational. Her courses and programs always exceed expectations, and I’m a very grateful (life-long) client." - Lisa Christensen (Claim Your Inner King Course)


By joining She Grows membership, you get lifetime access to this course & all other online courses Shae has created.

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