Most of the time, we enter adult life without having the right tools to succeed in establishing satisfactory relationships with others. Managing relational dynamics requires both a good understanding of oneself and of the way others function.


Communicating unconsciously

creates suffering from:

  • Not being heard

  • Not being understood

  • Not having our needs expressed and met

It results in the crossing of boundaries, or maybe even the lack of thereof. 

Learn to speak your truth in our 6-week program that is open to both men and women.

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Mutual listening: the starting point for good communication

Listening to each other ensures good communication between two people. This is because everyone feels understood. 


In fact, if you take the time to listen to people, you will be better understood in return. 


The more you think in terms of mutual benefit and cooperation instead of competition and independence, the more you can create an environment of trust. 


And this is what we want to create with the 6-week communication coaching program.

All layers of communication are equally important

If understanding is achieved through a verbalized message with words, other non-verbal communication factors remain key. The posture, voice, gestures, mimics, and images that we send back.


All these signals will be perceived and received by your interlocutor. You can understand and master all of these layers through our communication coaching program.

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Communicate effectively in a stressful, triggering, or intimate situation

Developing a different way of looking at the communication issues you face will help you understand and transmute your emotions without judgment or misinterpretation. 


If you feel that you have difficulty dealing with emotions, it is probably difficult for you to see what is going on inside you. 


Feeling a pervasive negative emotion is a sign that an underlying need is not being met.  

Having a coach accompany you is a wise choice to help you break down what's going on and put the right tools into practice.

Unraveling the blocks that stop us from speaking our truth

Keep in mind that communication coaching is not a straightforward educational process. Behavioral change is more about awareness than simply acquiring knowledge - even though it is a good first step.


If you are not satisfied with your relationships with others, it is up to you to change your perception of reality and your actions. 


The good news is that it is possible to do so. Just as you can shape the interactions you have with others, you can also decide to leave a relationship that is not fulfilling.


So how can you unravel the layers of blocks and patterns that stop you from speaking your truth? 


This is exactly where communication coaching comes into play. I offer you more effective perspectives and new positive options for building a healthy relationship with those around you, and most importantly, with yourself.


Join our 6-week recorded course to follow at your own pace, or enquire about 1-1 communication coaching with Shae.