Love, don’t you know that you’re magic?


You are life expressing itself. You are the divine, embodied.


I know sometimes you forget that. And that’s ok. 


Don’t be hard on yourself. And don’t be hard on yourself about being hard on yourself. My love, you will see that you are magic.


More and more, you will feel the codes of wisdom run through your veins. 

More and more, you will know the peace that resides within your cells, always. 

 More and more, you will celebrate your existence.


You will touch places within yourself that may surprise you at first.

Welcome to My Freedom Frequency.

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You’re capable of divine sensuality

Your body is the gateway for the divine to experience itself.


Every moment is inviting you to savor the sensations of existence. Sensuality is heightening your embodiment and expression of being.


I was asked: “what’s ‘too’ sensual to show on the internet?”


In the Art of Sensuality program, we explore blocks to our sensual experience and expression. Blocks of being in sensuality and allowing the body to express this are:

  • Fear of judgment (especially fear of being shamed and rejected by other women).

  • Feeling unsafe in the body (opening your senses is opening yourself up not only to pleasure but the potential for experiencing pain).

  • Second-guessing our expression. Perfectionism. Saying we ‘don’t have enough time, or that’s just not ‘who I am.’

Mindfulness is the first step to transformation

Our behavior is run by thoughts, which are dictated by our beliefs (mostly unconsciously) about the world and ourselves.


Core beliefs ruling these thoughts and dictating our behavior are things like:

  • People will reject me if I am too sensual.

  • It will hurt to feel my body deeply.

  • There’s a ‘right way’ for sensuality to look.


Examining our unconscious beliefs about the world is the first step to transformation.

embodiment coach

Embody your truth through action

feminine embodiment

It’s not enough to say “I’ll change this belief” and write down a few affirmations and hope your life changes. Doesn’t work that way.


We need to ACT in accordance with a new belief.


Like: “Women can be inspired by and celebrate my sensuality.”

And posting a video of yourself transmitting your expression to inspire people to connect with themselves in this way. 

Or, “Sensuality is different for everyone” and exploring sensual movement letting yourself be as weird as possible to explore your uniqueness.

Your world shifts through action. Will people still judge you for your expression?


There’s no way around that. But when you’re experiencing and expressing yourself from authenticity and sharing creatively from a desire to inspire and embody your divinity expressed, you won’t be hung up on whether people receive you in the way you’d wish they would.


When you come from your truth embodied and expressed and allow it as an expression of the divine, you’ll know how and what to share.

Embark on the Journey of Embodiment Coaching

Can I really love this deeply? Can I really hold so much emotion within me, and still feel grounded? Can I really transcend my trauma, wounds, and triggers?




Yes, you can. 


Because you are pure magic. I’m here to help you remember that. 


Together, we’ll unravel the tangles that keep you from realizing your own magic. From expressing your full self. From owning your power. From knowing your peace.


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