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erotic innocence course

Erotic Innocence

Sensual Art for self expression

5-week program for women


Are you ready?

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To re-claim your erotic innocence?

To embody

your most fully-expressed self. 







To witness

yourself as an erotic, sensual, being,

without shame.

Breaking free from insecurity.

Steeping into your power.


What is erotic innocence?

It is a re-claiming of erotic energy as a natural essence of who you are. 

You were literally BORN of erotica. 

It is creative, life-force energy. 

It is that which creates vibrancy, inspiration, empowerment...

It is within us all.

erotic expression for women

Like most people, you may feel insecure about your eroticism & sensuality.

You may feel like it's dirty. Shameful. 

Does it make you uncomfortable to imagine yourself as a wildly erotic being?

Owning your sensual & sexual nature, rather than hiding it, or feeling like it's 'not you.'

Here's a secret...

It is YOU.

Because you, as a dynamic being, have the capacity to express all flavors of energy.


When you shun your sensual, feminine eroticim, you numb yourself from your own creativity, inspiration, pleasure, & natural vibrancy. 

Erotic innocence is about returning to this wisdom that your sensual, erotic self is there, welcomed & at the core of your power.


That you don't have to be shameful of it. You can express it & witness it WITH JOY & actually look at yourself in this way & say 'YUM.'

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sensuality course for women
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The program

Erotic Innocence: Sensual Art for Self Expression

5-week recorded program for women

This is an embodied program for women to explore their erotic innocence through sensual art. 

Let me tell you right now - NO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ARTISTIC PERSON to do this. 

"But I'm not creative!" - I'll stop you right there. YOU ARE. You can't NOT be creative, actually. This course will guide you in a way where you feel comfortable expressing your creativity & sensuality with ease. There's no need to be worried about that.

Across this 5-week journey, you'll learn how fully expressed you can be by embodying erotica, sensuality and creating erotic art for YOURSELF.


Witness your expressive self with awe & yum, as you tap into your sexuality in a new way...




The full recorded program offers 2 video lessons per week with embodiment exercises, meditations, reflections, and more yummy content! 

The full course (which gives you lifetime access) is $88 USD.


Course Breakdown

Week one

Breaking the stigma. Dive into your current relationship to your erotic nature & sensuality.

Exploring sensual expression - Understand what sensuality ACTUALLY IS - beyond the performance of it, and into the embodied experience of it. Learn what EROTIC INNOCENCE really means.

erotic innocence

Week two

Erotic embodiment. Explore orgasmic sounding & breath, Erotic movement/dance and a Kundalini Yoga activation taught by Sophia Le Page.

kundalini for women

Week three

Erotic Art Transmissions. Explore how tapping into your creativity with sensual embodiment creating erotic art is a doorway into expressing & seeing yourself in a new, powerful way. We’ll explore erotic poetry, led by Kirilly, to feel how to using words to express your sensual, passionate, feminine desire.

erotic poetry courses
erotic poetry course

Week four

Erotic Art Transmissions. Experience a live painting workshop to transform your erotic essence into art (no painting experience required). Witness yourself in an abstract, creative way, & keep this piece as a reminder of your innate erotic innocence.

erotic painting course
erotic course

Week five

Deepening your erotic embodiment. Bringing all of the pieces together to create your own erotic art piece. Learn easy video editing techniques, how to blend all of your artforms together, to create a unique expression of your erotic innocence. ALL FOR YOU. (No pressure to share this with anyone but yourself). But by the end, it's likely you'll be excited to share!



Shae Eloise Lamond

Shae Eloise - lead facilitator

I'm a writer, reader, dancer, painter, & facilitator. I've been a teacher of movement, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, sensuality, & self-development for nearly a decade. Having healed my mind & body from anxiety, depression & disordered living, I found peace through my inner work, yet something was missing.


When I discovered masculine & feminine embodiment, things changed in a huge way. I began to see my life through a lens of how expressed I was. How much I was allowing myself to embody all dynamics of my being. To release the blocks, shame, & insecurities.


Once I did, everything changed. My relationships, my mission; it all crystalised & I felt empowerment like never before. I began working with women on feminine embodiment leading workshops, trainings, circles, retreats, and more. I've been working with men & women in developing their most fully expressed self, through masculine & feminine embodiment, sensual expression, communication, healthy relating, and more.


I can't wait to share this experience with you. This program has been wanting to be birthed for a long time, & now feels right. Join us, powerful woman! You will never regret the experience of getting to know yourself in a more intimate & empowered way. 


Joining us are two powerful women who work in the areas of feminine embodiment & sacred sexuality. They will lead sessions throughout the course (see course breakdown for info). 


Sophia Le Page

Sophia is a Rebel Queen, Modern Mystic, Feminine Embodiment Coach & the creator of Rebel Queen Kundalini. She has inspired thousands of women around the world with her work, centered on initiating women into their own Rebel Queen, feminine magic & embodied erotic leadership, through the power of pleasure. 


A decade ago Sophia was brought to her knees by a messy divorce, which left her identity in tatters. Breaking free from Good Girl programming, she ignited her feminine magnetism, opened herself to living a desire-led, body-based & pleasure-filled life & has since dedicated herself to guiding women do the same. 

More about Sophia on her Instagram HERE

Kirrily Tipping

Kirilly Tipping

"Hi, I’m Kirilly Tipping - I’m an Erotic Poet. I help women embody their erotic innocence through words. My background in the feminine arts has organically merged with my poetry. I now offer erotic poetry workshops that draw out the artistic sensuality within - the feminine way.


I will be guiding an embodied process that will flow into an experiential workshop, created to awaken sensual self-expression through poetry."

More about Kirilly on her Instagram HERE



$144 USD for over 8 hours of guided video content with access to download the videos and have all material for life.


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