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In today's world, purely feminine qualities are not valued.


This is why sensitivity and gentleness are crushed. Awareness of one's emotions and body is suppressed.


The cyclical nature of women and their inherent, noble power is numbed.


The consequence of this condition can take the form of emotional and physical imbalance. A feeling of uneasiness. 


An inability to take one's rightful place on earth, and all kinds of related disorders.

Have you lost touch with your feminine power?

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Here are some red flags that are direct symptoms of being disconnected from the sacred feminine power. The power that lies within you, desperately waiting to be recognized and awakened:

  • You wonder what it is to be a woman today.

  • You would like to feel good about your body as a woman.

  • You would like to be yourself, not bound by the dictates of fashion and beauty standards.

  • You wonder what sensuality is.

  • You would like to live in better harmony with your cycles.

  • You have the impression that you are constantly reproducing the same patterns in your relationships.

  • You don't dare express your emotions and share your feelings out of fear of being rejected, unloved, and unrecognized.

  • You would like to improve your relationships with women and men.

  • You would like to live a more fulfilling sexuality.


If you can relate to one or more of these affirmations, feminine coaching is for you. Welcome to My Freedom Frequency.

From the Wounded Feminine to the Sacred Feminine

I have exciting news for you! You are much more than a woman who has come to fit into the clichés and expectations of the outside world.


If you wish to:

  • Radiate your feminine essence.

  • Develop your sensuality.

  • Balance your masculine energy.

  • Be 100% true to yourself.

  • Feel good in your body.

  • Free yourself from guilt, shame, and fear.

  • Improve your relationships with women and men.


You are at the right place! My Freedom Frequency’s goddess coaching can help you transcend and reconnect to the feminine.

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Feminine coaching with Shae

Shae is a recognized and talented femininity coach. She will help you reconnect to your resources and your essence, to the Sacred Feminine that pulses within you. 


To bring awareness and meaning to what is happening to you, to bring you to a better understanding and knowledge of yourself.


When we understand what is happening in our lives and within ourselves, we come out of helplessness. 


We then find the means to act and to become again master on board our own ship, instead of letting ourselves be tossed by the waves.


In her feminine coaching programs, she will take you on a journey to heal your wounded feminine and to unfold your sacred feminine self. 


To help you get through a difficult period, to find with you concrete ways to improve your daily life...


Reconnect you to the divine spirit of sacred feminine energy that animates you.