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Meditation is no longer just a practice for Buddhists or people on spiritual retreats in India.


Meditation is now the subject of extensive psychological studies and is practiced by many people around the world.


Several scientific studies show that people who meditate are better able to cope with difficulties, stress, chronic pain and feel more inner peace. 


A meditation coach seriously increases our ability to withstand adversity


Looking for the right teacher to get you through this self-discovery enlightening journey?

Practice mindfulness with Shae. 


She is known for always holding a safe space for her students to experience bliss through her guided meditations.


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What exactly is Meditation?

Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. It is not emptying your mind either. The brain and the senses will not stop working. 


Instead, the regular practice of meditation quiets negative thoughts and helps you detach from the constant inner chatter. 


Buddhist monks talk about our monkey mind to describe this capacity to produce surprisingly negative and automatic thoughts.


Meditation consists of observing what is happening within us in the present moment. Without us becoming attached to these events or thoughts. 


It allows us to gain acceptance and patience and to distance ourselves from mundane delusions that we would otherwise not be aware of.

Mastering the Art of Meditation

Although there are many meditation techniques, many of them share the common feature of providing your mind with an object of attention to which it actively focuses for a few minutes. 


You can bring your mind back to this object when you become aware that your attention has wandered.


This can be a word, with or without meaning, that you repeat in your head. It can also be an external sound, such as running water, music, or the rhythmic sound of a metronome. 


It can be a physical sensation, like the air entering and leaving your nostrils. It can be a movement, such as your belly rising and falling when you breathe or your body when you walk. 


Or a pleasant image, such as the light of a candle, the movement of the waves, or even the smell of incense.

Wellness Coach

Meditate with Shae

Shae is a meditation coach guiding people who are completely new to meditation as well as those who regularly incorporate this practice in their daily life. 


Her guided meditations and ongoing support will help your mind to calm down and show you how to live in the here and now. 


This is the only moment that truly belongs to us.


Whether you're looking for more focus to do your work better, less stress or just peace of mind, the simple act of sitting down and turning your attention inward does wonders. 


Let's discover together how to use your energy positively and meditate!