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Gradient Skies
Gradient Skies

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress, artist, and writer. 

I was super expressive as a child, but I was told over again to "be quiet" or "be normal." I also learned through the modeling of people around me that it's best to 'hold our tongues' and don't say the things we want or need to say, to "keep the peace."

So, instead of continuing to express my colorful, playful, vibrant self, I shut my voice down, made myself smaller, and didn't speak up for my needs, wants, or boundaries.

That was until a big life transformation. I journeyed through mindfulness, self awareness, spiritual development, and feminine embodiment, which let me to cultivate a rich understanding of the patterns that were holding me back from the relationships I desired to have, and goals I dreamed of achieving. I knew I had to unravel them and come back to the true me.

Hi, I'm Shae

Gradient Skies

I went back to my roots. I started dancing again, doing more art, expressing myself in creative ways. I started writing as a profession, and then went into meditation and yoga teaching. I was led to explore masculine and feminine embodiment, archetype work, inner child healing, and a huge amount of self development modalities.

That little girl that wanted to be all those things actually made her dreams come true - I started acting (and still do) mostly in comedy skit videos and comedy improv. I created and sold my art. I have been a professional writer for a decade, and even started publishing my own books.

I examined the dynamics of my family and intimate relationships and began to understand where I was still afraid to express myself and how my wounds were holding me back from healthy love. I learned through courses, workshops, and retreats how to reclaim my authentic expression and feel balanced, worthy and whole as I was (without needing to revert back to perfectionist tendencies to feel okay about myself). And now, my mission is to serve others who are on this path - especially women who desire to reconnect with their vitality, radiance, softness, and power.


How did I heal?

I went through darkness to get there. I was challenged, hurting, confused and shut off. My healing journey was sparked from a mental and physical illness after facing death and finally dealing with my deepest unresolved trauma I had been carrying for years.


This healing journey - which took a lot of conscious work on my end - led me to finally free myself from attempting to please others and meet what I thought what was expected of me.


I went through a deep process of repatterning my brain, body, and spirit, moved to Bali, and immersing myself in mindfulness, movement, meditation, feminine arts, teaching skills, and communication in relationships.

There are many paths to peace, healing & harmony.

Mine was steeped in practices of mindfulness, archetype work, inner child retrieval, creativity, art, writing, dance and connecting to and sharing with others. I practiced every day. I learned the tools to shift limiting beliefs, release stagnant energy, find healthy ways to feel and express emotion, and listen to my intuition to make empowered and creative decisions for my life.

I draw from Taoism, Buddhist philosophy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, somatic movement, and more. My work has been influenced by the likes of Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hahn, Eckhart Tolle Wayne Dyer, David Deida, John Wineland, Alison Armstrong, among others. 

You can explore my work more deeply in my books, YouTube content, and through the membership community for women, She Grows.

It would be a delight to connect with you on your empowered healing and inner-growth journey, too.

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