Mindfulness Coaching

When you develop your mindfulness, you gain a better understanding of your emotions and behaviors.


Once you have identified and understood these patterns, you have the power and freedom to change what you feel needs to be changed to create the life you want to live. 


Otherwise, you are encouraging old habits, internal dramas, and beliefs, allowing unconscious thought processes to determine your feelings, behaviors, and actions. 


Mindfulness also makes it easier for you to understand others - how they perceive you, your attitudes, and your reactions.


Give yourself the opportunity to introspect and ask yourself the right questions through mindfulness coaching with Shae.


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mindfulness coaching

Are you a mindful person?

Developing your mindfulness is about knowing and experiencing:

  • How you see yourself as a person

  • What are your most important beliefs and values

  • What you want to do with the rest of your life

  • What you think are your weak points in life

  • How you can improve as a person

  • What you think are your strengths in life

  • How you enjoy yourself

  • What motivates you

  • How you tend to sabotage yourself

  • How you deal with stress

  • What kind of relationships you have with others

  • When have you been happiest in your life and why

  • When you have been the most unhappy in your life, and why


The clarity with which you can answer these questions determines your ability to create your own destiny and realize your potential. 


Mindfulness coaching can speed up the process by putting you on the right path and providing you with the structure you need.

Why is mindfulness coaching so important?

If you want to create the life you want and empower yourself to make it happen, mindfulness is important.

It will help you live in accordance with your true values and fulfill your ultimate ambitions.


By developing your mindfulness, you can shift the thoughts and interpretations that directly impact your emotions. 


It allows you to see where your thoughts are leading you.


It also allows you to control your emotions, behaviors, and mindset so that you can make the changes you want in yourself.


Another benefit of having a clear understanding of your thinking, habits, and behavior patterns is to help you understand others.


This ability to empathize facilitates personal and professional relationships.

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Mindfulness Coaching with Shae

Changes in your thinking and behavior become simple and easy steps when you develop your mindfulness.


Mindfulness coaching is a tangible and direct approach to developing this dimension. It allows you to be aware of what is not fitting in the reality of your interactions. It makes you work not only on yourself but also in relation to the expectations of others.


Mindfulness coaching is a personal and professional development tool that allows the development of self-awareness. It is a way to support you in the transition process between what you are living today and what you want to live tomorrow. 


Take the leap with Shae, and learn to live in love and truth.