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Claim your Inner King

Become the love of your life. Inner union is key to feel safe, protected, solid, & to own your truth & boundaries in such a way that the relationships you create are a reflection of your own inner relationship. Feel like a queen by connecting to your inner king.

*This is Shae's best-selling course.

The Art of Communication

Learn how to level up the way you express your needs, desires & truth to feel more confident, heart-centered, & free to share with those you love & the world your true self. Learn how to resolve tension & conflict, how to own your needs & desires, & explore the difference between masculine & feminine communication. 

Rebirth and rise self transformation course

Rebirth & Rise

This is a space for your to release who you were & to step into a transformed, empowered version of you. This journey facilitates your process of letting go whatever you are releasing that is unique to you, along with the beliefs & stories holding you back so you can claim the life you desire.


Erotic Innocence

Explore how to express your sensual & erotic essence without shame, reconnecting to the innocence as sexual energy as creative life force energy. You will feel juiced up, empowered, & ready to manifest your desires.

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