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A l i g n m e n t.

This is what life has been feeling like for me lately.


I’m not saying ‘I’ve made it’, as I dust off my hands, stoically smile, and pretend like I’ve ‘arrived.’ I used to use this language - 'I feel like I've arrived'... but now, moving beyond that idea of 'landing' into one particular mode of being, my sense of life has shifted.

Now, I don’t believe we ever really ‘arrive’ at THE destination of having it all perfect and ‘done’ in life. Of reaching that state of awareness, joy and bliss and STAYING there always.

How could we ‘arrive’, if the very nature of life is evolution, and the very essence of us is as powerful creators?

Do you feel this too?

There is then - in evolution and creation - movement, flow, and shifting dynamics of life to dance with.

Sure, we can choose to step out of the dance. To live in silence and stillness, in sage-like observation of bathing in life. That is most possible, and many people are choosing this as their dharma (purpose)...

A man I’m loving recently shared this with me - that he could have easily just stayed on that tropical island he had traveled to for a self-retreat, and chanted his life away in bliss.

But a power, energy, fire, or whatever felt true for him, called him back into the dance. 

I’m personally grateful it did, so that I may dance with him in that engaging, creating and evolving energy. He’s one of the most content, yet inspired, calm, yet motivated men I’ve ever felt. And my body and heart continues to be won over again and again by his delicious, pure, presence.

Why I share this is that I feel that living a life of bliss, purpose, love and all the rest of the juicy feels, is less about how we can ‘arrive’ somewhere, and more about asking ourselves, moment to moment, this question:

'Is this in alignment with me?

'Is this in alignment with my highest joy, with my values, with what I have to offer the world?’

That’s the question.

Because life shifts as we create and recreate, as we dance and stumble and pick ourselves up and dance again, as we bathe in stillness or movement, it’s about how aligned we are.

And the kicker is this:

The question demands us to continue to ask it, as we evolve, so too our alignment will change.

It is in alignment that we truly feel connected to others, our purpose, and our desires.

There we find peace, fulfilment, and a purity of presence that means we can create without grasping, love without attachment, and live without wanting for anything more than to dance with life.

So I choose to dance. And it’s delicious.

<3 Shae

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