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For her - A Poem

For you

Its been quiet


Yet I feel you






To flow?

Tender, my heart


Reaching out

But I’m learning

To breathe


The pressure

Of needing

To see

The red

Of going over

In my head

All the ways

I could push


Rather than simply

Feel you

For how you are

For what you need

Softening into

Letting you lead

By the whispers of what you know

So I surrender to your own flow

Whether soon

Or later

I won’t rush you

I’ll do what I know will nourish you

And let you be


To return when you are ready

To trust your process of shedding

I’ll hold your space



And softness

As I dive deep

Into the quiet

Sensing your whispers

I’m with you

I feel you

You are free, my love,

My Sweetness.

This poem was written from the heart, as I'm feeling into ALL OF THE FEELINGS of being in Amenorrhea. After 7 years of no blood, 18 months ago she came. (I wrote a post on this moment here)

Since then, I've bled maybe 5 or 6 times. I've heard that it can take some time to regulate and become more frequent, as the body re-learns how to move through a cycle again. So I've been practicing patience each month, tuning into my cycle and hormones, and trying very hard not to feel disappointed when no blood comes. It has been sometimes 2 months, and sometimes 4 until I bleed again.

At this moment, it's coming close to 4 months with no bleed, though I have been feeling very sensitive to my womb rhythms and moods and cramps and changes. I've been feeling that impatience arising again, feeling myself getting more sad at not seeing her.

So these words came through today, in the energy to reconcile with her and make peace with her process.

It's not easy. Sometimes I'm a very patient person. Other times, the complete opposite. Right now, I'm somewhere in between. Writing these words and re-reading them really drops me back into that space of trust and love.

Poetry is just one form of inner-voice expression - one I have always practiced and felt called to do. I wrote poems since I could write!

Maybe these words resonate with you, or maybe this energetic balance of patience and trust is something you can take into another realm of your life.

Sending you, and your womb, juicy love.

xx Shae

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