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How we can really feel beautiful - the missing piece (+ a Lakshmi exercise for you!)

Have you ever wondered if your desire to feel/look beautiful is not a spiritual and conscious desire to have?

I did.

There was a point when I started to go deeper into this work of mindful and conscious living where I thought I needed to show up more ‘plain’ and 'bland,' because to want to dress up, wear makeup, do my hair etc would be seen as ‘shallow.’

The funny thing is, the deeper my work went, the more I began to anchor all this spiritual ‘stuff’ into the real world, in practical and grounded ways.

This often happens in the spiritual world.

We go into the light energy that meditation and ritual deliver us to, but we can often people can even get lost there for some time, living from this ethereal place and unable to feel grounded and productive.

But eventually, as we remember that we are also still human, we can ground down the insights into our bodies and real life, so that we can still play in this earth-realm and enjoy the pleasures of the mind and body, rather than ‘renounce’ these things. (Unless we have taken that as a clear path, to renounce these things as a monk), then we need to BE in this world.

AND - it’s a fun adventure to be here and play in all the ways we can express ourselves.

This is Goddess Lakshmi’s truth.

Lakshmi embodies that aspect of life (the feminine) wanting to witness its own beauty.

Life couldn’t witness itself if it is still in that ethereal realm where it knows itself to be ‘all things’ and ‘one’ - remember, we are the oneness of life embodied as two energies, the duality of light/dark, masculine/feminine, etc when we enter this life as humans.

So we are here to forget our beauty, so that we can enjoy remembering it.

If we already always knew beauty as who we are, it would then be a state where we wouldn’t actually ‘enjoy’ beauty in the way we do when we come home to our remembrance.

We enjoy beauty because we also have the definition of what is not beauty.

If we truly remembered that everything is beautiful (which we do in moments of meditation and deep joy, love and pleasure) then we would not totally be able to navigate the world in the dualities.

If this is getting super conceptual and deep to read - bare with me. My poetic mind LOVES to think and express this way, but I also know that the value for you reading this is in the practicalities of what you can take away from this... a juicy piece of 'homework' for you is coming.

Lakshmi is all about expressing her beauty to the world, so that she can take pleasure in feeling it.

This is different from the mind having a concept of what beauty is and should be, and trying to match it out of fear of not being seen as beautiful, and therefore not being ‘worthy.’

The mind has just absorbed these mental constructs that it consumes in the world in our cultures, societies, consumption etc. We consume things every day in our minds, from as early as we could understand, that tell us that beauty should look like this, and that we are lacking, so that we can be sold the solution to this problem that has been created.

Mostly it’s actually consumer-based; to sell to us.

But let us not waste time getting lost in being the victim here.

Women can get totally lost in being the victim of beauty standards and resist what is happening and stay powerless around it in doing so.

We are stronger and clearer than that, so let’s empower our beauty expression!


1. Write down the mainstream ‘ideas’ that you feel are those ‘shoulds’ of what beauty looks like (bullet point style, write down as many that come to mind)

2. Now, write down if you are comparing yourself to these 'shoulds' (for each one)

3. How does that make you feel? Do those standards make you FEEL beautiful?

4. Now, think of a time where you FELT BEAUTIFUL. Describe the scenario.

5. Based on this memory, when you do feel beautiful, what does it feel like? (Name a list of qualities of this feeling)

6. Feeling is the key here. When you feel beautiful, you radiate beauty... you remember your beauty. Your inner Lakshmi energy takes pleasure feeling and seeing herself, and this vibration of beautiful is heightened and ripples out to those around you, making you feel magnetic and radiant to all those who come into contact with you, and most of all - to yourself.

Lakshmi Goddess archetype work is POWERFUL and also, ridiculously fun and juicy.

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