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The Gift of Feminine Receptivity

"What is it like?” He asked as we melted into the sheets imprinted with bliss.

“It’s like… I’m being filled. I can feel my capacity as the receptive - or even a receptacle - & can feel that I am the space holder for that to occur. I feel that at that moment, although all I am doing is receiving & allowing, it’s an expression of my power as a woman.”


It speaks to the innate power women are blessed with as the receptive to penetration. I mean this both physically & energetically. Penetration from a love, & from life.

We are masters of receptivity.

Even now, as I write this, I am tending to my womb that is very much making herself known. That is requiring me to surrender to her flowing release during my moontime. I surrender to the sensations, discomfort, mess, sleepiness, hunger… I am required to say YES to this time, to receive this moment, & to then nourish myself from understanding what is present & what I need.

The mother archetype receives, yet she also does a lot. She is powerful not because she ‘sits back’, but because she says YES to life & makes decisions from that place. Yes to her crying baby. Yes to having her body suckled. Yes to being awake when she wants to sleep.

I’m not taking away from a man’s ability to say yes & receive. But I am concentrating on the feminine form in these words.

That we can receive the penetrative force is the initiator of our creative power.

We receive the space of the blank canvas before we can begin painting.

We receive the seed before our bodies alchemize it to a child.

If we think about this in all ways, we can draw from this innate wisdom in our lives.

We receive our emotional landscape before we give ourselves what we need to heal.

We receive the thoughts that may not be ideal, have aw

areness over the patterns playing out, & then decide how to reprogram & reroute our brains.

We must receive to then create.

In that way, receiving IS creative.


We explore these themes of feminine embodiment, expression, receptivity, and more in our women's retreats in Bali. Take a look at the experience here.

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