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What is 'intuition?' Understand what 'following intuition' actually means.

Have you ever been told, 'trust your intuition?' ...And felt this tension in yourself come up as you internally respond 'But how am I supposed to know what intuition is?!'

One of the ways I help women most is learning how to connect with their intuition and act on it. I offer this in my work because this is what women bring to me most - how to feel clearer and less indecisive about life.

So, let's break it down.

Intuition is a knowing, beyond the mind.

It's a feeling.

We call it our 'gut feeling' - though really, for us women, it's our 'womb' feeling.

It doesn't need a rational reason, and it doesn't wait to work out the 'best' and 'logical' way.

It just knows.

The feeling is a sense of 'alignment' like we've landed into a state that is hard to describe - it just feels right.

Sometimes our intuition scares us because it is counter to the mind's way of functioning and working life out. It sometimes doesn't make sense, so it is hard for the mind to grasp.

But the mind doesn't have to grasp it.

When we follow our intuition, we feel a sense of flow and alignment, and inner-integrity with ourselves. Because in essence, our intuition is our truth.

When we follow intuition in life...

We embrace uncertainty without fear blocking us from the action. We are ok with life not having a set plan because we have trust.

Trust and intuition are linked deeply. We surrender to what life is offering us and feel into it to know the next step to take. This is different from trying to control the flow of life and have all the steps and plans already made before life happens.

We co-create with life and feel more in our power because we are embodying what is really true for us, rather than resisting our truth-feeling and creating a sense of disharmony with what our intuition is telling us.

The mind isn't always happy with what intuition tells us, but our spirit, heart, and body is. And when we make those decisions and follow the flow, the mind is always surprised at how life 'happens.'

For you...

Think about a time where you trusted your intuition about something...

How did it feel in your body, this 'whisper of intuition'?

Write down the qualities of the feeling as best you can.

What made you actually recognize the intuition, and listen to it? (Oftentimes we are so distracted by life, we can't hear the whispers)

Where did it lead you? What came out of that decision that you couldn't have otherwise created for yourself?

When we don't listen to our intuition...

We feel like we are swimming upstream, against the flow of life (because we are).

We are tired and foggy in our brain from overthinking, with the mind confused about what to do.

We also feel this inner-imbalance, because we are not listening to what is actually our truth, so we make decisions from the mind, but don't ever really feel at peace with our decisions. We continue to second guess them.

The mind wants one set answer - it wants certainty - why? Because it doesn't trust that life will flow and we can flow with life in our own alignment.

When we are not trusting our intuition, this is really not trusting in our own capacity to create and swim with life and deal with the rocks and sticks that will come up in the stream. So we try to flow against the current, or work out a way to change the current so that we can 'safeguard' against the sticks and stones.

But they will always come up - that is the nature of life's stream.

When we accept that life will always give us challenges in these obstacles (the sticks and stones in the stream), we can then step into our power and remember that we have the capacity to deal with the challenge.

Rather than pushing so hard to make the 'best' decision and seek for the 'one' answer - we can rest into the SPACE of not knowing, and of softening into surrender - into Saraswati mystery - and that is how we can hear and feel our intuition.

We feel the answer, and when we act upon it, we need to be strong enough to be ok with people second-guessing us. Because to others, they aren't feeling your truth, they are only hearing your words and seeing your actions, and if it is not 'logical', they will be a mirror for our mind's insecurity. They will often speak what our mind is speaking, but not feel what our truth is.

If we do not continue to honor our truth, we will feel out of balance. We will continue to second guess our decision once it is made. Why? Because our truth is still within us and is still whispering to be heard. Intuitive decisions bring peace.

I work with women to create practice ways for them to listen to their intuition, relax into uncertainty, release over-controlling and flow with life with far more grace and ease.

Reach out if you feel called to enhance your connection to your feminine wisdom and power.

I work 1-1 in guidance coaching and host online immersions and Bali Retreats.

Take a look under Work with Shae for more info.

Or reach out and book a free 30-minute discovery call today.

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