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You’re done.

Done with what was.


Ready for the new.


Ready to rebirth.

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Ready to Rise

whether you have chosen...

this cross-roads, or it has been thrust upon you, there is a choice you have to make.


When faced with big life challenges, a shift of your lifestyle, a yearning to leave your home, a desire to change your job, a relationship ending…


You are faced with destruction.


With an ending...

comes grief.

The loss of what once was. 

With the choice to move on, or create something anew, there comes fear.

The anticipation of what is to come. 

Image by Andrew S

The unfamiliar is uncomfortable. 

Our brain doesn’t really like it. Nope. It will actually try to do ALOT to stop you from changing.


Even if you want to, it likes its patterns.


It likes its way of being.


It’s comfortable in the familiar, even if it’s not actually a comfortable life… (yeah, our brain’s are weird like that)

This is why the rebirthing process is so potent when guided. 

When you

...have some structure to the journey.

When you feel held during the intensity. 

When you know & feel that you’re not alone. 

When you are embraced for the mess you feel & are celebrated for the small wins.


When you are transforming alongside others.

I'm here be a doula for your new life. Your new self.

Your awakening. Your empowerment. 


I’ll guide you, but you will do it. 


No matter what you are facing;

If you're in the midst of transformation or feel ready to spark a big change, this is for you. 

If you feel tingles brewing & yummy yes energy,

this is for you.

What is it?

A 5-week online course of being guided through the process of transformation.

You’ll hold the focus of what you are letting go of & what you desire to rise to. 


You'll clear & cleanse, & then manifest. 

You'' say YES to the life you desire. 

Your rebirth starts here.

Week one

Old story, old you. What you’re leaving behind. Processes to uncover why you arrived there & connecting to why you strongly desire to shift.

Week two

Breaking commitments to the past. Cultivating gratitude for what was. This is where the deep cleansing begins.

Week three

Deep releasing, clearing, catharsis to let go. Embodied practices and rituals to let go of what was. To let the death occur, for the rebirth to begin.

Week four

New story, new you. Manifesting your reality like a boss. You’ll tap into the witchy woo-woo of manifesting, as well as the grounded practical tools to use.

Week five

Rise & Empower. Say hello to the rebirthed, renewed, powerful YOU. Anchor it in. Live it for real.


Sign-Up for instant access

$188 USD for the entire 5-weeks of content (lifetime access - you get to download all material & re-watch whenever you please!)

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