Vital Joy

4-week online group coaching program for women

Joy is who you are. It is your deepest alignment.

When you are happy, life flows gracefully. 

how to be happy in relationship

When you are in your joy, you are in your power.

Join me and a group of women as we explore the practical ways to enhance our own joy, independent from our partners or external circumstances.

As I am discovering in my own relationship, that focusing on my joy first and foremost is VITAL. This isn't to mean that I am not empathetic, or that my relationship doesn't make me happy...


It’s absolutely essential. to be able to empower ourselves if we desire to have an emotionally regulated and balanced relationship.

Here’s how it goes:

We are happy, vibrant, autonomous.

We magnetize our love into our lives. They enhance the joy. We forget that we ARE joy and were joy before we met them, so we mistakenly believe that the joy we feel is coming soley from them.

Then, we put pressure onto them to meet all of our needs, wants, & to make us feel happy & safe & secure. And when sometime arises in life or within us that feels uncomfortable, we look to them to fix it.

That’s not to say people can’t comfort, offer strength & support.

But putting the pressure of them being responsible for how happy we are all of the time will surely lead to breakdown.

The anxiety & tension that arises. The expectations & pressure. It suffocates. It dissolves the gratitude & freedom that we feel from the purity of love.

The solution? To self-source happiness.

To remember that we are in charge of making ourselves happy.

Then, we bring that happiness to our partners. We share it with them. It magnifies our joy.

happiness in relationships

who is this for?

This group coaching container is for women who:

are in relationship & often feel anxious, needy, clingy, or that their expectations & needs aren't met - but they know that they value & cherish their relationship & wish to feel more empowered.
are single & looking for a relationship, & desire to reflect upon past experiences to inform them of how to be magnetic, aligned, & more in a state of joy both for the present, & their future relationships.
are looking for a space to be supported, held accountable, to share, learn, listen, & celebrate wins & growth.

are committed to their growth & embodying the most radiant version of themselves.

dates & times

We will have 1 live call a week & 1 recorded masterclass a week for four weeks (4 Xlive 90-min calls and 4X 30min masterclasses) 

Live calls:

28th June
5th July
12th July
19th July

All calls will be Bali Time 8:00am
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Any call that you cannot make, you can receive a recording of the call.


The entire program is $188 USD.

You can pay either the total amount, or 50% ( $94) to secure your spot, & pay the remainder before the last call (19th July) + $20 extra for the payment plan option ($114).


will you say YES to your happiness?

to sign up

The container will accept 10 women max, to keep it as an intimate group.