Bali Women's Retreat 2022

August 19-24, 2022


A once in a lifetime women's retreat in the mountains of Bali to

Ignite Your Self Expression

Join a collective of women to tap into your most empowered, radiant expansive YOU.

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I feel you. 

You're done with playing small. Feeling like there's something missing. Like you're stuck, not fully yourself. Unable to feel the magic of life that you once felt.

You didn't come here to live an average life. You came here to THRIVE.

But you've found yourself stuck in the stress of life, or perhaps the confusion of all the decisions you have to make but the fear of not knowing the right thing to do...

You're not alone.

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I know that feeling. It's exhausting. It depletes our life force & takes away from our radiance.

And the truth is, as women, we are meant to follow the path of joy & inspiration. 


We are meant to light up the world with our radiance. We are meant to connect with other women, share, be heard, play, cry, dance - be ALL of us.


We just need a safe space to come home to this full expression of who we are. Recharging, resting, & nourishing ourselves is VITAL if we want to reclaim our joy, clarity, & confidence in life & ourselves.

You can keep choosing to do what you've been doing & stay in the same patterns & ways of being. But you know where that leads...


and that's the very reason why you're here looking at this page - you're here to STEP UP for you. To re-connect to your authentic, energized, inspired self.

At the end of the day, only you know what feels right. Your feminine gift is your intuition. Your sense of feeling the pull of pleasure & joy, & following that. This is what you'll connect to on our women's retreat in Bali.


This is what is waiting for you.


The Experience

Retreat to the mountains of Bali to be nurtured by nature, rest, recharge, explore, and dive into the discovery of your fully expressed self. 

Ignite Your Self Expression is a women's retreat in Bali that gives you the time, space & guidance to tap into the core of you who are - the most unique, eccentric, quiet, loud, unbound, YOU. 

We'll dive into embodied practices like yoga, free expression dance, intuitive feminine movement, & more. We'll tap into our yin & yang, & explore the many aspects of our unique nature (as we connect to nature's elements at this stunning location). You'll share, connect, & make lifelong friends.

With all-inclusive plant-based permaculture food, fresh mountain spring water, a ton of nature to explore, guided workshops, movement, time to rest... you'll give the gift of deep connect to yourself, & other beautiful women. 

Stunning eco-bungalows surrounded by lush greenery, daily waterfall bathing, delicious food, deep experiences, & lots of fun. 

Rest & Recharge.


Connect to nature in the pristine mountains of Bali.

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Past Participants

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What's Included

  • All Vegan Plant-Based Meals (Permaculture-Grown On-site)

  • Accommdation In Eco-Bunaglows for 5 nights

  • Morning Practices, Yoga, Daily Workshops, Movement, Circles

  • Mountain Walks/Hikes

  • A Balinese Massage (+ Option to book additional massages)

  • Women's Circle with Balinese Offering Making with local village women

When you arrive at the retreat space, your whole experience is guided. There is a balance of active classes, optional experience, & time to rest & do your own thing.

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Give yourself the gift of space & time JUST FOR YOU.

Shae Eloise

Your Host

Shae has been leading experiences for women for over 6 years. She moved from Australia to Bali in 2015 & dived deep into yoga, meditation, embodiment, feminine arts, self-expression, and more!

She is most passionate about curating in-person experiences for women to come together, create lifelong bonds, & explore the art of self-expression. Her mission is to help as many people as possible learn how to tap into their core truth & express themselves to the world in authentic, powerful ways.

She helps people with communication tools for relationships, embodiment for masculine and feminine energies, mindfulness & self-inquiry for life transformation, and more.

This retreat has been a long-time coming - finally, we can come together as the world is opening up, to give ourselves the nourishment we are all craving. To feel embraced for who we are. To rest. Rejuvenate. Adventure. And ignite our radiance. 

Shae will be your host, offering insightful workshops, classes, women's circles, yoga, movement, & a whole lot of fun. She will also be welcoming to her team of incredible women who will lead other sessions based on self-expression and reclaiming of our innate empowerment as women.

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Sample Schedule

Note that each day will be different & there will be more fun workshops & classes held by other facilitators. You'll receive the full schedule before the retreat begins.

Bali Retreat for women

Rest. Connect. Reflect. Share. Play. 

Where You Will Stay

Eco-Bungalow Accommodation on Mt. Batukaru, Bali

Bali Eco Stay

Located in the North-West of Bali Island, Mt. Batukaru is the 2nd Tallest mountain in Bali. This eco-retreat space is run by hydro-electricity powered by a private waterfall. The waterfall is just a few minutes walk from every bungalow, which you can visit anytime you please.


Each Bungalow is completely different, with a unique design & feel. You'll get the chance to share a large bungalow with other ladies or to have an entire bungalow to yourself for ultimate quiet & space.


You'll be immersed in natural tropical gardens & enjoy the cooler air of the mountains, with only the sounds of nature greeting you. The permaculture gardens are where almost all food is grown - you'll be eating fruit & vegetables picked that same day.


The water is safe to drink from the taps (very rare for Bali), as well as being more pure than any bottled spring mountain water you've ever tasted! 


Bali Eco Stay offers you the chance to experience Bali away from the hustle-bustle of the regular tourist destinations. With incredible nature trails & expansive rice paddy fields to explore, you'll get a true taste of the untouched Bali. 

Read more about Bali Eco Stay & see the bungalows here:

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Shared Rooms & Private Bungalows

Price is inclusive of all plant-based permaculture meals, daily activities & adventures, & accommodation (+ more fun extras). There are different options for a range of budgets & preferences. 

Early Bird Savings!

...Until May 30


Twin Shared Room in Shared Large Bungalow

Twin bed in a shared room part of a shared bungalow. Garden space for relaxing. Perfect for making friends.

10 available.



Early Bird: $1250


Private Queen Room in Shared Large Bungalow

You'll have your own private room with a queen bed in a large shared bungalow. Garden space for relaxing.


4 Available. 



Early Bird: $1450


Private Luxe Bungalow

If you want your own space to unwind, you can book an entire bungalow with private garden. Queen bed & daybeds & amazing views.

Only 3 available.



Early Bird:


Book a free discovery call with Shae to ask any questions you have about the experience.

Are you a local Indonesian or Balinese? You get a special price. Please indicate this on your application.