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Are you waiting to be claimed?

To Claim...

Such juicy power in those words. Mmmm hmmmm... that energy of being CLAIMED is akin to the energy of someone holding us tightly, tenderly whispering in our ear - 'YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT... YOU ARE ALL I WANT.'

For so long, this energy was something I yearned for.

I wanted my partner to CLAIM me as HIS.

I wanted to enjoy that feeling of being special because I was CLAIMED.

I wanted to feel desired through being ravished in this claiming energy.

I wanted my heart to be claimed.

The problem was, I have this power of potent pleasure away. I made it a requirement to receive this CLAIMING from OUTSIDE of me. I was searching for the person to do this for me, the man to CLAIM me, as if I were impatiently waiting for it to happen.

Some time after the emotional ending of a beautiful and long relationship, I awakened to the truth of the matter... if I were to continue to wait to be CLAIMED by another, I would CONTINUE to wait. I would put my power outside of myself. I would give THEM the key to my happiness, contentment, and emotional stability, and I would then run the risk of it all crumbling the moment that relationship became rocky, or ended.

I didn't realize that at the core of it, I was actually waiting for something else. What I was really waiting for was to be CLAIMED by ME.

This was like a big 'ah huh' moment. I began to treat myself and love myself exactly as I would love to be loved.

I claimed back my power of pleasure. I offered myself tenderness, nourishment, rest, play, gifts, kind words. In all the ways that I loved to accept love.

What returned was a sense of expressing the feminine core nature of receiving myself.

Receiving my own love. And in that receiving, I claimed back my feminine.

She sighed 'finally, you acknowledge me, and my wisdom, and my power.'

The power of the feminine is in this receiving. It's in this energy of receiving our womb wisdom, our intuitive whispers, of receiving the nourishment and care from life, of receiving the love that's already always available to us. When we become full, then we naturally give this out. We complete the wholeness of this ever-present life cycle of receiving to then give.

It is in the awareness that it is not for another to claim us, but instead, the love we are seeking is the love that is not yet expressed to ourselves, that creates a healthy and whole landscape ready to welcome in true partnership.

When I have claimed myself, I am not waiting for another to do that for me. I'm not relying on someone to own me.

I feel free... more free to love. More free to receive the love. More empowered to allow in to my body and heart an energy that matches my own self love, or more - but most definitely no less. I allow in only that which I deserve. Because I am already whole.

How long have you been waiting to be claimed by another?

What about claiming yourself now?

Will you join us, sister? Will you claim your feminine with us?

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