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A 5-week journey that will lead you to more fulfilled relationships with men in your life.

Devotion is empowerment.

No longer are you a victim of your past experiences or narratives about men that don't serve you.

By offering deeper care, respect, love, and compassion to the men in your life, you will receive this back. 

By discerning where your devotion goes, you will feel more safe & at peace in your relationships. 

By learning how to communicate with men from an understanding of how different we actually are, as men and women, you open up to a whole new world of connecting.



gives you that.


how to trust men
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 are you ready for a new reality, where you experience the beauty of men like never before?

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This is for women who adore the masculine & wish to feel the gifts of healed & inspired relationships with men.

better relationship with men
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Do you have a yearning to feel desired and admired by men?

Have you felt drawn to transform those wounds that keep you feeling hesitant to trust men?

You're ready to transform your relationship to the masculine. 

The key to feeling relaxed, adored, fulfilled, and inspired in your relationships with men is to understand them more deeply. To learn how to respect them. How to honor their strengths. 

This will bring out the beauty in men in ways you may have never felt before.

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What is .DEVOTE.?

A 5-week online course to transform your relationship with the masculine. Learning how to relate to men to bring out their most beautiful qualities. To feel safe in their presence. To trust, receive, and relax around men in ways you've not felt before. To enhance your relationships to be a source of people and inspiration in your life.

What you get:

  • 1 live 90-minute group mentoring call each week.

  • 1 private 30-min 1-1 mentoring call with Shae each week.

  • Workbook with exercises and practices. 

  • Guided meditations to keep

  • Access to all call recordings

Week one


Explore your beliefs, patterns, desires, and intentions. Uncover the imprints that may be blocking your ability to trust & connect with men.

Week two


Release what does not serve you. Clear your old patterns. Let go of the blocks, or resistance to the men in your life, Understand the power of discernment to guide your devotion.

Week three


Learn how you can become more vibrant, relaxed, at ease, joyful, and nourished in your relationships. Practical, real-world exercises and lifestyle shifts.

Week four


How to connect to the energy of devotion in every area of your life. Devotional living not only in your relationships with men, but in your relationship with yourself.

Week five


Anchor your new beliefs, actions, and mindset into your life so you're ready to leave the journey feeling confident in the transformations you've been through. 


All group mentoring calls are at the same time and day each week. Your private 1-1 weekly call will be scheduled after you sign up.

Call Time: 6:00pm Bali Time

Call one: 19th October
Call two: 26th November
Call three: 2nd November
Call four: 9th November
Call five: 16th November

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We have a range of investment options to suit your needs. In your application, you can choose the option that is right for you. 

Full Payment

$444 USD

Weekly Payment Plan

$111 per week across 5 weeks. (Full payment = $555)

Bi-Weekly Payment Plan

$172 every 2 weeks across 4-weeks. Full payment = $688 total.

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Apply for the program

This program is only by application. We are curating a select group of women ready to experience this level of devotion.

Upon completing your application, you will be notified of your acceptance. You can choose your payment plan within the application. 

NOTE: We only accept 14 women maximum.

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