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You are invited

to level up your relationships

like never before


you've read books (ok, a LOT of books). Maybe you've gone to the seminars, trainings, workshops, courses, classes... & there was a little change, but then after a few weeks (or days) things go back to the same.

...The same patterns, habits, thoughts, & insecurities that keep you from feeling connected. 

The same conflicts, disconnection, and frustration with one another. 

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maybe you've known that the problem is your communication, but you don't actually know how to fix it.


You're reading this because you know that the accountability that comes with someone cheering you on as you made huge changes in your life....

The gift of having guidance to up-level the way you express yourself in the world as an individual, creator, caregiver, partner, leader....



  • harmony in your relationship, EVEN when there is conflict

  • confidence in how to express your truth, desires, & needs without fear

  • true intimacy in the relationships that are most important to you.

What is it?

1-1 private communication mentorship program for individuals and partners, personally tailored to you. I work in anywhere from 3-5 call packages, to 3 month containers.

It is all about communication in relationships.


~ Learn effective, emotionally intelligent communication to heal & create amazing relationships.

~ Embody the energetics of yin/yang (or masculine/feminine) in your partnership & how this relates to your communication problems.

~ Discover how you are playing out old beliefs, patterns, and imprints through what you are saying (and not saying) and how to heal those and move past them.

If this excites you, apply for a discovery call today!


"Shae has a profound ability to bring the most important subtleties to your awareness. In communication, she understands what is being said indirectly & possesses the courage to converse about the real issues that inhibit your truest, authentic connection.


Before I learned a great amount of helpful tools from one of her courses, she offered me empowering advice about how to express myself clearly & effectively to the people close to me. 


She inspired me to listen with a pure & genuine intention.


This improved the quality of my relationships & deepened my capacity to share the most vulnerable parts of myself, which brought more meaning & unconditional love into my daily life.


I trust her advice & perspective on how to approach any difficult situation in life & highly recommend applying the practices she brings into the world."


- Kristen, Bali

from people who have worked with me...

"Nothing has ever helped me emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually more than this immersion did. Shae is a kind, generous, positive, intuitive, strong, powerful and wise guide in this world & to be involved in her immersion was a truly evolutionary experience I will take with me forever. Thank you Shae!"


- Lily, Australia

"It takes more than words to describe Shae's endless positivity, support, talents, delicacy, perseverance, strength, bubbly energy & her inspiring nature! She embodies the best of both worlds - softness & strength, action & rest, self-care & support. All that deep self-work ripples throughout everything she does."


- Vanessa, Bali.

"Working with Shae feels like being coached by your very best friend, who isn’t afraid to speak her truth. Her intuitive, kind and caring nature, combined with her strength, wisdom and intelligence brings the perfect balance to this course. Shae’s ability to hold sacred space online, and face to face is amazing, rich, and transformational. Her courses and programs always exceed expectations, and I’m a very grateful (life-long) client."


- Lisa Christensen, Canada

As someone who has taken countless trainings, seminars, workshops, courses, & read a ton of self-help, personal development, psychology, & philosophy materials… I had a huge resource of knowledge from a very early age. 


I studied spirituality as a teen, & continued to learn through my adult life.


But it was only when I reached a ‘rock-bottom’ moment in some dark times that I realized I needed to put what I knew into practice.


It wasn’t enough to get the instant gratification of reading a book where you have tons of insights & ah-ha moments, only to forget about it a week later.


It was through mindfulness that my reprogramming of my self-destructive thoughts, damaging beliefs, anxiety and depression was healed.


Every day I took these lessons into my daily life. 

To learn more about my story & why I do the work I do, read more here.


In short...

the real shift came from embodying the lessons. 

That’s what I am here to offer you in this immersive 1-1 Communication Mentorship.


For 3 or 6 months, we will journey through your limiting beliefs, stories, thoughts, conditioning & programming that is holding you back. 


It’s not about becoming someone NEW/DIFFERENT.


It is about unraveling all that is NOT YOU. The stories, illusions, & fears that are in the way.

All that you desire to be & feel is already there for you, I’m here to help you uncover it.


In your Mentorship, you will:

  • learn how to move past being a victim & forgive.

  • see all that has happened to you with new eyes. 

  • heal childhood wounding that come out as triggers & impact your adult life.

  • develop the capacity to observe your mind & thoughts, & masterfully realign yourself back to peace, moment-to-moment.

  • move beyond the ‘stories’ you tell yourself about life, people, yourself, & situations, & see the truth as it is 

  • learn the art of communication and conflict resolution

  • understand how to alchemize your emotion, without being ruled by the emotional fluctuations

  • learn how to self-soothe and create better relational dynamics

  • explore masculine & feminine dynamics for relating to yourself, & to enhance your relationships with friends, family, & partners.

The next step to apply

In your application, you will explain why you are attracted to this offering. The next step will be to receiving a free consultation call for us both to determine whether we are a great fit.

From working with hundreds of people leading programs, classes, workshops, trainings, teacher trainings, retreats, & 1-1 coaching, I understand how vital it is for the mentor & the mentee to be compatible. This is why it is application-based. 

I only take on 2 clients during a 3-month period, so spaces are very limited. 

You can apply, & I will let you know if you are on the waitlist, or accepted for a discovery call.