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Are you seeking love outside of you?

Most of us are.

Most of us will our whole lives.

UNLESS we awaken to the truth of what love really is.

Why are we seeking love outside of us?

Because we mistake that when we feel love, it must be because is GIVEN to us as if it were not within us first. So we feel love in the form of loving & being loved, & we forget that we are actually just feeling who we are, in being loved.

This leads to attachment to others. To the love we feel through relationships. We equate love with their presence, so if their presence is no longer there (which happens for many of us multiple times in a lifetime as we change partners), then we believe that there must not be love anymore. So again, we seek the next partner to give us the love. We also seek it in friends & family, or in accomplishments & successes...

If you are seeking love outside of you...

Know that YOU can be everything you've ever wanted in someone.

Yes, you.

In fact, if you AREN’T being everything you want & need, how can you expect someone else to be?

& how can you expect to feel full when life happens & things change?

Paraphrasing from Abraham Hicks... if we rely on being someone else’s object of attention in order to feel loved, we set ourselves up for disappointment. No one can hold us as their object of attention in every moment, throughout all of life.

Are you doing that for others? Even the ones you love & always will love?

Of course not.

This isn’t about being so self-sufficient in your love that you reject it from outside of you.

It’s being so tuned into the love that you innately are, that you don’t need anyone else to do the filling, you're not seeking for it outside of you, yet at the same time, you invite that vibration into your field because you’re magnetizing it.

What you aren't 'seeking' to fill from a place of lack, actually shows us when you are in that vibration of abundance.

When you’re in a partnership, then, your fullness is met by theirs & it’s a playground of energy dancing.

When partnership ends, you continue to love them & continue to feel loved, having claimed your own heart.

When I first came across the Buddhist core teaching of non-attachment at 15 years old, something within me SOARED. I felt FREE, calm & not bound by the traumas of my life at that time.

‘Everything is impermanent?!’ I thought, ‘what a relief!’

Yet with that knowledge I’d gained, I wasn’t living it. It was intellect, not wisdom.

So my early adult life was all co-dependent relationships. I felt deep abandonment issues. I had no clue how to feel ok on my own when it ended. I had no idea how to feel the love that I was.

It wasn’t until I went into a dark state of mental & physical illness that I was gifted with the chance to wake up. You can read a little more about my story here.

That’s when I came back to all I knew about the true nature of reality & the magic it holds & actually LIVED it.

Every moment? No.

Am I always tuned into the vortex of love? No.

Do I have the tools to return to this state when I get out of alignment? YES.

How I love & feel love now is very different from what I was seeking before. How I feel partnership & how I desire partnership is very different.

I’ve never felt so full, so loveable & so loved.

Because I CLAIMED it.

I want to help YOU claim YOU!

Women, it’s time to feel full as you are. It’s about harmonizing your inner masculine & feminine, this is what I teach 1-1 in my feminine guidance sessions and on my retreats for women in Bali.

P.S! Our retreat in April is going to be AMAZING! We have another woman joining us to co-lead the experience! Kirra is an intuitive astrologer & a grounded, independent mother, bringing her wisdom & space holding to our circle.

We are inviting women of all ages & all walks of life to attend - you don't need any prior-experience in feminine arts at all.

To find out more about the experience, check out the retreats page, OR, schedule a call with me to chat more! You can book in a call RIGHT HERE!

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