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My heart is a flower

My heart is a flower.

My roots are deep.

The seed of my heart is sparked by nurturing.

Intentional care.

Watered with spaciousness.

She will not bloom if she is rushed.

My flower will not unfurl to meet expectation.

My heart will stay a seed, deep rooted, safe & grounded, unless she is nurtured.

She blooms for herself, yes.

But to bloom for you? That requires a gentleness. Tenderness. An understanding of her depth.

With the right water, she will grow.

She will trust that her petals can open vulnerably.

If you expect her to bloom a certain way, for her petals to open just how you like it, for her to grow in the time that you desire, you will be disappointed.

Because I’m a wildflower.

Not wild in chaos or drama.

Simply, not contained. Imperfect. Delicate.

If you wait. Let me bloom in my own way, trust in my capacity to evolve from a seed to the unfurled flower, then I will share my beauty to you.

I will open completely.

I will let you bathe in the fragrance.

I will give you my whole heart. My softness. My truth. My love. The love that is beyond measure.

But please, be gentle with me.

If you are reckless, trying to pull at my stem to make me bloom in the way you want, or the pace you desire, I’m sorry, but I will break.

Or else, I’ll retract. Go back into the shell of my seed.

Even when I am a seed, you see the flower already. I love that you can see my beauty potential. I love how you can already smell the fragrance. But I am not there yet.

I am still a seed.

Please do not rush me.

Please do not create an image in your head of me at the flower bloomed for you already. I know that beauty is tempting to try to own, pluck & make yours.

But when I bloom for you, it will only be when I feel so safe that I will not be plucked for you to take as your own.

When I bloom for you, it will only be when I trust in the tender care that has been given to the process of blooming, the unfoldment of our journey.

Yes, when I bloom for you - the beauty we can touch together will be magic.

But we are not there yet.

So please, tread lightly. Go gently with me. Only then will I begin to start blooming for you.

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