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YOU have the power to CREATE love.

I had a POWERFUL experience with a woman yesterday.

A dear sister connection birthed out of something that initially caused me pain and retraction.

I saw something online related to her content & I retracted within.

I felt fear and insecurity arise. I felt pain. My initial response was to immediately want to block her so I didn’t have to LOOK AT what was causing me to suffer.

Thankfully, in my clarity & grounding into my deeper truth - which has been my consistent practice ESPECIALLY this year - I was able to RISE ABOVE the hurt and choose a different path.

I chose to stay in my power, love, and vulnerability. I did the opposite of blocking and running away.


Towards love.

Towards grace.

I shared with her in my softness & vulnerability my experience. I was fully open and transparent in what went through me, and why I was reaching out.

I told her that I didn’t want to see her as competition - I wanted to treat her as a sister. To heal this wound for the collective feminine.

I shared that upon seeing what I saw, I felt pain, and felt that I needed to block this from my field, because I was suffering. But I also felt that this IS the story of the wounded collective feminine... being 'seperate', seeing ourselves as competition for attention, admiration, affection... and that I didn't want to play into that.

We both work in the realm of feminine energy embodiment - and for me to play into the pain and fear, and to give my power away to that trigger, didn't feel aligned with my truth.

The suffering that sprung up at that moment was not from her, or the issue that arose... the suffering was from being stuck in my story, the meaning I was making, and ultimately, the feeling of being powerless. Of literally giving my power away to it... bowing down and saying to it 'you have the power to create pain...'

What came out of this was an INCREDIBLE response of love from her and a beautiful sharing of our experiences around the issue; our fears, our challenges.

There were many mirrors of our experiences in being transparent and open in the conversation that proceeded. I am so excited to now have her as part of my circle of women I am connected to and resonate with in such a deep way.

This happened because I took back my power. Instead of telling this situation - my trigger - 'you have the power to create pain', I re-wrote the story. I said NO to being a victim. I said, 'I have the power to create a different reality... I have the power to create LOVE.'

Ultimately, if you need to block something, you are not free.

This isn’t to say to have no boundaries at all. It's not to say that you let everyone and everything in that hurts. You get to choose what feels aligned and where to direct your energy.

Boundaries are in healthy alignment with our truth when they COME FROM LOVE.


The boundary in that moment, that was coming from love, was I boundary I set internally with this conditioned fear response and trigger. I set the boundary within to say NO to that.

When we move from resistance, denial, blocking, when there is suffering energy - that energy is coming from FEAR. It’s letting it have power over you, or rather, GIVING YOUR POWER away since whenever our power leaves us is when we LET IT leave us.

In the conversations that followed, she shared these beautiful words, ‘If only we could see the beauty that others see in us.’


Because the beauty we see in another is a recognition of the beauty of who we are.

All that gives us joy and that sparks beauty recognition - Nature, music, another woman… At essence, we are all this love frequency of life expressing itself through different channels.

Thank you sister, for this experience of allowing us both be a conduit for love, healing and holding of one another.


Their beauty, expression and admiration they receive from others… that is simply life reflecting to us the beauty of itself, and delighting in it. You are PART OF THAT.

Another’s beauty does not subtract from your own… it can ENHANCE IT.

This is what I felt yesterday. My own light, love and beauty enhanced because I rose above the fear and I stayed in the frequency of love.

THIS IS HEALING THE FEMININE. This is the collective shift that is needed. This is empowered feminine.

The image of the empowered feminine isn't some woman standing on a rock and shouting at the top of her lungs - "I am empowered, look at me!!!!'

The true empowered feminine is the woman that moves from love, and doesn't let fear have power over her. She takes back the power, and let's love guide.

We have this capacity as feminine-core beings.... to CREATE love, and to finally drop the victim mindset, and the illusion of competition.

Within this experience, it is also medicine for the masculine - for the masculine to feel the coming together of women - the power of love, and how the true beauty of the feminine is not how she looks, dances, or speaks... it's how she LOVES.

So, will you rise with us, and celebrate the beauty of each and every woman?

Will you rise with us too, sister?

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